Updated at 2021-01-25


Bokjan (bok3 jan5) is my given name in LSHK Jyutping. The Hanyu Pinyin form is Boyin Chen (Chén Bóyǐn).

Graduated from SCUT, I'm now working for Tencent as a back-end developer (TRD-后台开发).


It's hard to make those very personal information public. E-mail ( or SMS ((+1) 402-500-0618) are welcome.

Employment Experience

Tencent(IEG - Anyplay Studio, Quantum&LightSpeed SG), Back-end developer. (Feb 2021 - present)
Tencent(TEG - Software Infrastructure Dept.), Back-end developer. (May 2019 - Feb 2021)


I'm seeking for jobs (intern) recently.

A resume (Feb 2019) without name and phone number is still available here.

Education Experience

  • School of Software, South China University of Technology (Class 2016-5)
  • No. 2 High School of Zhuzhou, Hunan (G1307, G1321)
  • Zhuzhou Jingyan School (C1007)
  • Zhuzhou 601 Chinese & English Elementary School (Class 247)

The classes I belong are noted in the parentheses. Seeking for classmates and schoolmates.